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We're proud to offer cosmetic care to some of the most discerning patients worldwide. Please take a look at what our clients have to say about the impeccable results we've achieved for them, and see why they trust their face and body to Clinique of Plastic Surgery - and no one else.


Coolscultping is an amazing, alternative option to surgery to decrease fluffy areas around your mid section post babies. I did continue my 3 days a week, hour workouts and healthy eating, the same as I was doing before going into coolsculpting. With doing so I saw my results within 2-3 weeks and I’m extremely happy with them! I’m now much closer to my pre-baby body thanks to CoolSculpting which took only a few short weeks.(After picture is from just 3 weeks) During the procedure I didn’t experience any pain. It was so relaxing that I was able to turn off my phone and take a nap. For the next couple days I did feel sore but, I was perfectly ok to go right back to working out the next morning which I didn’t think was possible before I had the CoolSculpting done!

Ashley does a great job talking you through the procedure with what to expect, answering any and all questions you may have and also makes sure you are completely comfortable during the time that you are there.

Procedures: Coolsculpting


Dear Dr. Drehsen, (Dr. Magic)

Once I entered your office and saw the elegance of your décor it set the tone for my visit. Your office staff is professional, knowledgeable, and well groomed too! When I met you I realized this was all a reflection of you.

I came to your office an ugly duckling but came out a beautiful swan! My life has not been the same since my surgery. My world is brighter, people are kinder to me, and I recently received a promotion. It is unfortunate that people judge us by our exterior look but everyone does. This swan you created is now beautiful on the inside and out!

Wishing you continued proclivities towards success!

After Photos are 6 weeks Post Procedure

Age: 47

Procedures: Dr. Drehsen’s Signature Refresher Lift, Neck Plication & Defatting, “Dual Plane” Browlift, Upper and Lower Lid Blepharoplasty, Fat Grafting to Cheek & Cheekbone Area and Bridge of Nose


“I have been a patient of Dr. Drehsen’s for a few years and I LOVE how he makes me look! I have gone to him for my Botox and I must say there were two times that I was not able to see him for my Botox (travel or misc. reasons) and I both times came back in to have him to add his touch. Dr. Drehsen’s technique is incredible and unlike anyone else. I have small deep set eyes and he actually opens up my eyes by injecting so that he raises my brow. I have seen through my time as a patient with him “Lips by Drehsen” and I have ALWAYS been impressed with them. I was just scared of the pain… but FINALLY I got brave, I got to the point I wanted my lips done by him that I just went for it! First, I have to say the pain was not that bad… I did not opt for the dental block that is offered and I could breathe through it. Dr. Drehsen had a very gentle hand while injecting. The process took about 15 minutes to do and immediately after you see your results and could even go in public and no one would know that you did anything. I could not be any happier about my results!!!!!! I LOVE THEM! My lips just look prettier… it is a change that is just enough to make me look and feel a bit more feminine and youthful. I cannot say enough that he is the best decision you could ever make for a Plastic Surgeon!”

After photo taken immediately after the treatment.

Age: 38

Procedures: Lip Augmentation


Dear Dr. Drehsen & Clinique of Plastic Surgery Staff,

I would like to wish you all a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year! I’m Enjoying mine and my new beautiful nose. Thank you so much Dr. Drehsen and the staff for all the care through the entire surgery process. I will definitely be back for future services and look forward to seeing you all there!

A huge Thank You again,

Age: 32

Procedures: Rhinoplasty with Tip


I had not considered cosmetic surgery very seriously before I attended one of Dr. Drehsen’s seminars. After seeing the slides of actual patients and hearing their stories first had, I wanted to have the same great results. I looked older than I felt and like many others mentioned, I definitely looked tired. After hearing the doctor speak, I felt complete confidence in him. His staff was very professional and helpful answering questions, and I set up a consultation for later that week.

At that consultation that doctor made suggestions and laid out my options. He looked at my face like an artist looks at a canvass. I was completely comfortable scheduling my face, neck, and eye lift with fat injections in my forehead, cheeks and lips. In addition, I decided to proceed with a breast augmentation, a procedure I had considered for some time.

One surgery – one recovery. I am completely pleased with my results. The first two weeks were not exactly fun, but each day there was improvement. By 6 weeks I felt completely healed: no swelling, no bruising, and glad to receive compliments on my refreshed appearance.

I believe I now look on the outside like I feel on the inside. My husband supported my surgery decision whole heartedly and compliments my results daily. I don’t think this changed my life, but it certainly enhanced my outlook on life. To anyone considering plastic surgery, I would recommend Dr. Drehsen without hesitation. The doctor, his staff, and the offices are first rate in my opinion.

Age: 60

Procedures: Refresher Lift, Neck Plication, Structural Fat Grafting to Face & Lips & Browlift


I came to Florida 2 years a ago. Having been through a lot in the past few years I needed a change. I met up with a long time girl friend. She looked terrific! She looked so young and was full of life. She finally told me about Dr. Dreshen. I went with her for one of her appointments. I was so impressed seeing the photos of women that had taken positive steps in improving their appearance. I had never considered a face lift. They took photos of me, Dr. Dreshen looked at my pictures and made suggestions. Seeing what he could do amazed me. I scheduled my appointment for surgery. Scared yet excited.

My friend cared for me after my surgery. The first 2 weeks were not easy but better than I expected. A lot of rest and cold packs. I just followed the Doctors orders! Healing went quickly. I was amazed at my change and results.

Well it’s been a year since my surgery. I look the way I feel. I have a new out look. People tell me how great I look. I had my 40th class reunion this past summer. That was fun and to look so youthful. My husband pasted away 2 1/2 years ago. I have been on dates and feel good about my appearance. This has help boost my self confidence.

Thanks to the Doctor and his staff, my experience had been great!

Age: 58

Procedures: Refresher lift, Neck Plication, Fat Transfer to Cheek & Cheekbone Area & Lips, Lower Lids & Browlift


Fifteen years ago, while living in Minnesota, I had my first plastic surgery. I didn’t like the bags under my eyes. I met with the only plastic surgeon in my city at that time. He recommended an upper and lower lid blepharoplasty. The recovery was a real fiasco with black sutures hanging from my eye lids and crusty lids that I had to pry open in order to put Visine drops in them. I saw the surgeon once in his office, the day of surgery and when I had the sutures removed. End of story.

After a 42 year nursing career delivering babies, my new husband and I retired to the Sunshine State. We love it here. Wild horses couldn’t drag me back to Minnesota. Florida appeared to be a state that is very progressive in cosmetic surgery. With my eyes bagging and my cheeks drooping, I decided to investigate what action I would take to restore a more youthful look. With my age, I decided I needed more work than fillers could do.

My friend Pam told me about a plastic surgeon that she had been following on the internet. She raved on and on about Dr. Drehsen. A short time later I read about a seminar in Tampa featuring Dr. Drehsen and his Refresher Facelift. At the seminar, I talked with him and some of the people that had had different surgeries. One gal was most interesting to me because she was 72 years old like me; she looked great!

My next step was to make an appointment with Dr. Drehsen at his beautiful office in Clearwater. He showed me what I would look like with a Refresher Facelift with Neck Plication. I was hooked. I knew the surgery would have its discomfort but I was prepared for this. My number one fan, my husband Chuck, was an outstanding caregiver. He was the nurse and I was his patient. He did a terrific job. I only took pain meds for a few days. Being in the nursing profession, I feel I can grade Dr. Drehsen and his entire staff a perfect 10. The Pre-operative care, surgery and recovery care were top quality. Right from my first appointment to the last facial, make-up application and photo shoot, I was made to feel very special. What a contrast from my first experience.

Eight weeks after surgery, I was back in Minnesota to attend my 55th high school class reunion. Don’t stop to add up the years, yes, I am 74 years old and proud of it. My favorite thing I heard from a friend was that someone asked if I was at the reunion and my classmate said “Yes, Dorothy’s here. She’s the young looking one at the other table.” That said it all. I am happy to have had the surgery and would encourage others to do so. I look and feel great and my husband now calls me his “Trophy Wife”.

Age: 73

Procedures: Refresher Lift, Neck Plication, Brow Lift, Lower Lids, Co2 Fractional Laser Resurfacing Peri-Oral Area (Mouth Area)


Hello. My name is Linda and it has been 1 year since I had facial enhancement surgery with Dr. Dreshen.

Most of my life I had always looked younger than my age. But once I turned 50,, I noticed subtle changes in my face. First the “parenthesis” around one side of my mouth, then the other side of my mouth. A couple years later my eyelids started drooping as well as the rest of my face. I used to joke with my girlfriends that my face had fallen and it wouldn’t get up. It got to the point that every morning when I put on my makeup it was taking longer and longer to make my face not look so haggard.

I had also noticed that the reception I was receiving from strangers I would deal with in public had changed. There was no longer that instant warmth received when I smiled at them. I realized the situation at hand bothered me most of the day…. starting from the time I got dressed in the morning. I knew something could be done about it.

Five years ago, I knew very little about plastic surgery regarding the face. Fifteen years ago, I had a tummy tuck to take away the stretched out skin my twins had left me, but a tummy tuck didn’t seem as scary to take on as a face lift. After all my stomach wasn’t always exposed. My face was and my biggest fear was looking like I had HAD plastic surgery. So off to Barnes and Noble I went to get informed on some basics. In my research, the most common priorities stressed to look for in a plastic surgeon were; 1) the surgeon’s technique and skill and 2) that “the surgeon be a great artist”. This is what I based my search on for finding my plastic surgeon. I was willing to go to L.A. or Palm Beach or wherever this special surgeon practiced. But I thought wouldn’t it be nice if there was one close by?

When I searched the internet 4 years ago, Dr. Christian Dreshen’s name came up. His work looked good on the internet but a lot of things look good on the internet. I found out as much information as I could about his credentials, experience and surgical statistics. His work looked to be that of the artist I was looking for. I decided to keep him in mind. One year later a close friend and business woman decided to recapture her youth by getting a face lift. She too was willing to travel to another city to get the best surgeon. She told me she had done some extensive research on a local surgeon, a Dr. Christian Dreshen. And when she said extensive research she meant it. She owns a PR firm that has its own research department. They do extensive back ground checks as well. Her result from her surgery was beautiful. I have known her for 25 years and she looked as if she had gone back in time. She no longer looked aged and weary. A year later another close friend told me she had found Dr. Dreshen. She is in the medical field and she too did her research. The result from her surgery was fabulous as well. Needless to say having done MY research and having the good fortune to see first hand through my friends Dr. Dreshen’s skill and artistic eye, I didn’t hesitate once I decided to take action.

When I meet with Dr. Dreshen I had only 2 areas in mind to repair… my eyes and my lips. Since I knew he was a Master Artist, I decided to let him tell ME what procedures HE would do in order to make the most of what he had to work with… my face. I decided to follow his advice and YOU can see the results which I am extremely happy with.

From the moment I walked in the door Dr. Dreshen’s staff went out of there way to make sure I was well taken care of and comfortable. They calmed my nerves and answered all the questions that kept popping into my mind. They assisted me in setting up aftercare and making certain that any family or friends wanting to help knew exactly what to do. They also stressed the importance of having everything prepared and organized for my recovery time. I took their advice to heart and it was well worth it. I began by asking myself questions like: After surgery, how would I be feeling? Where would I want to be hanging out for most of the day? What would I want to eat? What would I feel like actually doing during my recovery? What items would help me feel better? Movies, books, music? I took the time to plan and gather what I would need and placed everything where it was easily accessible to myself and those helping me recover. I created a stress free environment. I had also made the decision to not look at myself in the mirror after my surgery. I knew my face would be swollen and bruised and I wanted to keep my focus on doing what I could to accelerate my healing, not worry about what I looked like. I even had my daughter cover the mirrors. As a result of all my preparation, I was able to make the most of my recovery time and heal that much faster.

I am thrilled with the results of my surgery. When I look in the mirror, to me I look how I actually feel inside. I now receive a warm reception from strangers. And best of all, my husband has informed me that he loves to take me out to dinner because sitting across from me he can stare at how pretty I look.

So I have to say… this was money very well spent!

Age: 55

Procedures: Refresher Face Lift


I had my nose done by Dr. Drehsen and am extremely pleased with the results! My biggest concern was my profile as I was aiming for a better shaped and very natural looking nose. Dr. Drehsen also recommended a small chin augmentation in order to make my face more aesthetically pleasing. I absolutely love my results! My chin is not even noticeable but yet makes such a difference in my profile as well as the total appearance of my face. Dr. Drehsen does amazing work and really cares to please his patients while giving them a natural look. He literally gave me a perfect nose! Not to mention, he also medically improved my nose by correcting my deviated septum which now allows me to breathe better and helped a number of sinus problems. My friends and family were wowed by the results and people that did not know me before my surgery never guessed that I even had my nose touched. My insecurity with my nose and my profile has completely vanished now with my results. I have found a new confidence in myself and could not be happier. Dr. Drehsen is an artist and has truly changed my life. Dr. Drehsen, Elizabeth, and Pam were nothing but kind and comforting, and really took care of me throughout my entire procedure. The entire staff at the Clinique of Plastic Surgery is extremely professional, caring, and friendly. Dr. Drehsen and his staff are truly amazing and genuinely maintain a standard of excellence. I would highly recommend this surgery center to anyone.


Dr. Dreshen was so polite. He did my lip augmentation with complete professionalism and he made me feel like I was at home. The staff was super courteous and made me feel like a friend rather than a patient. I feel very happy with my new lips, and my confidence is 100% more than it was before! I would recommend Dr. Dreshen to anyone looking for any type of surgery. I will definitely be back for my lips in the future for fillers and also more procedures if they come! Thank you all for being such a great staff and keep up the excellent work! I am grateful to have stumbled across this office online!

Procedures: Lips Augmentation


Dr. Drehsen,
Thank you SO much for the fat grafting you did. I came to you in need, and you helped me beyond words. I’m still healing and there is still swelling, but I can see ME again. You gave me back my features. You are a kind, wonderful artist and I will always be grateful I found you. I will be back. I know I can always count on you.

Cassie Moore

Procedures: Fat grafting


I really don’t know where to start, except I started my journey about 15 years ago, like you folks here today, attending seminars with a girlfriend who wanted a facelift.

I myself consider plastic surgery akin to a “Body Shop.” You have an accident and you take it in for repairs. My accident started of course after the birth of my children (and we all know what that does to your body) but the real accident occurred when I needed bi-lateral hip replacements. That wonderful surgeon left me with the most obnoxious saddlebags you have ever seen. Along with my weight gain from no longer being able to play tennis and my advancing age, now I needed a tummy tuck, a face lift, plus some liposuction for the saddlebags.

I believe it is really important to have a connection with your surgeon. You see them and talk to them in Seminars, then you interview them in their office one on one, tell them what you want done, and get their reaction. You either click or you don’t and move on to the next interview. In my case I clicked with Dr.Drehsen and moved on with my 1st surgery in December 2011; a tummy tuck and my face!

Although I had a complication from my tummy tuck, Dr.Drehsen stuck by my side and we got through it. Then I was ready for step #2; my arms and my breasts. He wouldn’t do it until I lost some weight. Took me nine months to get that weight off on his supervised diet program, for which I am eternally grateful, and here I am today, even if I still have some more weight to lose. I am totally eating healthier, juicing, doing organic gardening, even canning, plus I’m back to playing tennis….so let’s see, my last surgery was two months ago, I now have a flat tummy, had the hanging skin removed from my arms (aka the “bat wings”) and had the “girls” lifted…no implants here…and my upper lids which removed the sagging eyelid skin. So all toll, let’s see, I’ve had a tummy tuck, facelift, browlift, neck plication, girls lifted, bat wings removed and lots of liposuction! And to keep all of this body work up to snuff, I see Jim, Dr. Drehsen’s aestitician, every 7 weeks or so for a micro-dermabrasion and a chemical peel and he is going to give me some new eyebrows in a couple of weeks. Thank You Dr. Drehsen for renewing my body, face and my spirit!

Now all I have to do is figure out what to do with my hair!


I was recently asked how I feel now and how my life has been improved since my surgery with Dr. Christian Drehsen? The first thought that came to my mind is how do I sum up how I feel now without breaking out in tears? Let me start by telling you- I live in Miami. Miami has hundreds of plastic surgeons that claim to be the best. Before I came to Dr. Drehsen, I had already checked several plastic surgeons. I felt very frustrated looking at the before and after pictures of the surgeons patients because quiet frankly they were not very impressive. If fact some of them looked the same before and after the surgery! Some plastic surgeons won’t even post their before and after pictures on their websites. I wanted to look better, younger- not the same. I came across Dr. Drehsen’s website after I googled “extreme plastic surgeons”. It only took me fifteen minutes of going through his patient’s before and after pictures that I knew that this was the doctor I wanted. So how has my life been improved since my surgery with Dr. Christian Drehsen? I don’t look at younger women anymore and wish I was there age. I don’t hide behind my sunglasses, my self confidence has helped my marriage and my self esteem. Having plastic surgery was one of the best decisions that I have ever made, spending the money on myself was so much worth it!!!

Stacey Seastrom (Medical Resident)

Dr. Drehsen,
Thank you for helping make my rotation an incredible learning experience. I really appreciate all of the extra time you spent discussing anatomical landmarks and the philosophy behind each procedure. I greatly enjoyed having the opportunity to learn from your expertise.

Sharon Brasel Greer

Dr. Drehsen did my Facelift in Nov. of 2003 & it still looks awesome!! He is a truly gifted artist when it comes to his work! I wish I could afford an entire body lift! LOL I’m now 70 & thanks to my face look like 55! Everyone wants to know my secret!

Age: 70

Procedures: Facelift


No questions….Just wanted to thank you for going the extra mile for me! I am thrilled with the results and know that they will only look even more terrific with the passage of time. Have I ever told you that you are my hero? Well you are and have always been. Thanks again handsome. All my love.

Katy & Don

Dear Dr. Drehsen, Kim, Elizabeth, Pam, Gladys, Angela, Aubrey, and Dr. Doviak.

Each one of your brings your unique gifts of pleasure, beauty, joy, and pride to so many women and men who come to you seeking change and improvement in their personal lives.

Our world needs more of your kind of expertise and caring professionalism!

Don and I talk to eachother and a few of our friends frequently about how much we appreciate you, but we wanted to let you know in writing today.

Thank you so much for all of your gifts of skill, patience, humor, and respect. We’ll be around and in touch with you in the future, but you’ll be in our thoughts and hearts always.


I had to tell my experience with Dr. Christian Dreshen. He is one of the kindest, most concerned doctors that I have ever met. He is not talkative guy lol but you simply know he cares for his patients. I had the privilege of letting him do a face and neck lift on me and my recovery time was unbelievable. He not only did the face and neck but sculptured the areas like an artist. He saw some things while I was still under surgery, he didn’t look on a chart to see if I had paid to have it done, he just did it because he’s that type of person. I of course gave him prior permission.

Before and after the surgery, the staff was so kind and comforting. My surgery included weekly visits to his packed office but he/they still treated me as if I was the only patient there. His qualified staff did everything, from weekly neck massages to loosening the stiffness and swelling in my face, even a complimentary facial was offered.

I can’t tell you enough good things about Dr. Dreshen. I thank God for my friend, I say my friend because he made me feel like one. He is the most amazing plastic surgeon ever! He should be in Hollywood!!!! I look just like myself, just a younger looking me.

PS: I love all of you over at Clinique!

Procedures: Facelift, Neck Lift


I met Dr. Drehsen at a seminar in St. Petersburg about five years ago. I went to his office for a consultation and decided to do something with my aging face that did not coincide with my mental attitude. I was very particular about the doctor who would be performing this procedure, as we have all seen some of the results of the people in the entertainment world, and they aren’t so pretty. Many look as though they have the appearance of a mannequin. They don’t look natural and it is obvious they have had work done. This will not happen with Dr. Drehsen he is without a doubt the best doctor in Florida and in the country! He knows beauty and is a master at creating it. You might be thinking, his office is too far to travel if you live in The Villages as I do, while many travel from all over the world. We are fortunate to have him here in Florida and when it comes to a surgical procedure of this nature, I doubt distance should ever be considered an obstacle.

Since my face “enhancement”, I have had other procedures done. Afterall, the exterior of the body needed to keep up with my youthful face. I refuse to grow old gracefully. About a year or so ago, my left breast had deflated from an augmentation I had done many years ago in Ohio. They were saline implants and I was never very happy with them anyway, they didn’t feel natural. I had to make the decision of whether to have them both taken out and go natural the rest of my life or have them replaced with the newest technology in gel implants. I chose the gel and they turned out beautiful.

The most recent procedure I had done, I had never anticipated. At the time, Dr. Drehsen was introducing the fat freezing procedure and I inquired about freezing the fat on the back of my arms, that were sooooo flabby. He advised me that the procedure would not be as effective for that area due to the remaining loose skin and after he suggested surgery and serious consideration, I had the procedure done. The results were amazing and the scarring is improving very nicely since the surgery in September 2014. I wish I could be here to show you the results in person. I can now wear sleeveless tops and dresses.

I would like to share rather funny story with you, it’s about two of my girlfriends who have jokingly asked me to leave them each, one of my body parts upon my passing, they are quite a bit younger than I am; one girlfriend wants my boobs, and the other, wants my face. We have laughed about it so many times, so I have decided to will them the money to have the procedures done, of course, the requirement is, they fly to Florida from Ohio to have Dr. Dreshen do the surgery. I got to thinking, I can’t take my money with me and my body will be ashes. The only thing we have is our “Soul” which is the real beauty in all of us.

Well ladies, that’s my story, I’m 73 years old and I have a lot of living to do!

Por mucho tiempo hace casi siglos, desde antes de casarme habian cosas en mi cuerpo y mi cara que me bajaban la autoestima. Despues de casarme hace casi medio siglo lol, la naturaleza se encargo de empeorar lo que me parecia muy feo en mi. cuando tuve la oportunidad y el dinero para arreglar mis defectos que me bajaban mi calidad de vida, y despues de investigar medicos por dos años, algunos que la verdad daban miedo sus credenciales y poca experiencia y conocimientos, encontre a Dr. Drehsen.

Nunca me ha gustado ir al medico ni por un resfriado, y cirugias y hospitals para mi eran una pesadilla de las peores.

Pero esa tarde que visite la oficina de Dr. Drehsen no senti miedo. me senti segura y despues de las malas experiencias consultando otros cirujanos y su personal, me di cuenta que me trataban como a un ser humano, me daban importancia a mi y a mis sentimientos.

Desde el proceso de elegir la cirugia, acceder a ella, y proceso pre operative, en la clinica de dr. Drehsen me acogieron con respeto e interes por mi salud y bienestar.

El dia de la operacion si tenia los nervios de punta, pero en el momento que dr. Drehsen aparecio a mi lado se disiparon los miedos. me senti segura y en control y eso fue antes de los calmantes que en mi caso me ponen muy pocos.

Los resultados se vieron immediatamente, con todo y los normales hematomas e hinchazon. si es un sacrificio soportar algun malestar pero despues de esperar 35 años para verme como mi mente me decia que queria verse, valio la pena cada dolorcito.

Yo ni siquiera esperaba verme tan refrescada y joven. solo queria arreglar cosas fuera de forma y quitarme el envejecimiento prematuro y sobretodo verme un vientre normal ya que por culpa de cesareas verticales mal hechas mi vientre parecia mi trasero.

Me he hecho ya varias cirujias con dr Drehsen.

Les puedo decir que a veces hasta me averguenzo de que piensen que tengo alrededor de 25 años (sshh tengo 62!).

No era mi intencion ni estaba interesada en llamar la atencion o ser super guapa, solo sentirme normal. pero bajo el super talento de dr. Drehsen, moldeo en mi una persona que yo no sabia podia ser. ha sido una segunda oportunidad, un renacer a alguien que se sentia por dentro como me veo ahora por fuera.

Me sorprendo cuando me dicen algo por la calle o me miro al espejo. por primera vez en 35 años puedo ir a la playa y tener la frente en alto y ponerme un bikini! tengo el estomago como tabla de liso y firme y bronceado del sol! Dr. Drehsen le ha dado para tras al reloj en mi!

Se que nada dura para siempre pero los años que dure seran los mejores de mi vida. ademas que se que se puede ir manteniendo gracias a todos los adelantos y tratamientos que existen y muchos de ellos estan disponibles en la oficina del Dr. Drehsen.

Se que esto suena como que me han pagado para decirlo; la realidad es que no, que le estoy inmensamente agradecida al dr. y a todo su equipo. En sus manos he estado segura, tranquila, y los resultados han execcedido mis expectativas.


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