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Refresher Lift

Men and women from all over the globe travel to Clinique of Plastic Surgery to experience the Refresher Lift – because there is no better option. It’s one of the most sought-after cosmetic procedures among discerning patients worldwide, due to its ability to restore a youthful and natural facial appearance that simply is not attainable with traditional facelift techniques.

The Refresher Lift is the ultimate natural facelift, with discrete incisions, perfected over more than a decade by our accomplished Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon and medical director, Dr. Christian G. Drehsen.

The Predictability of Our Results is Based on Three Principles

  • Restore a pleasant and dynamic expression with the right choice of procedures, known as “The Emoticon Effect.
  • Maintain a natural and youthful hairline with our specially designed incisions.
  • Effectively recreate youthful firmness and volume with our vertical lift and Fat Micrografting and judicious defatting.

With these three principles in mind, our Refresher Lift avoids the odd look caused by displaced hairlines and drawn or wind swept features, all too often seen after Lunch Time or “mini lifts,” and even some traditional facelifts.

Instead, The Refresher Lift quite effectively reduces excess skin with its vertical uplift of the cheek, its combined volume restoration by structural fat grafting, and its unique attention to hairline maintenance, all of which produce amazingly natural results. After all, it’s not just the skin that sags with age, but what’s beneath it. The result of this unique face-lift is a “refreshed” beauty that appears natural, balanced, and age-appropriate. The age appearance is sometimes as much as two decades younger.

Due to their special design, the incisions are extremely discreet and the procedure has an outstanding 15-year record of safety, effectiveness, and durability. It is done on an outpatient basis with a very reasonable downtime. The Refresher Lift, when advisable, is appropriate for men and women in their 40s and up.

World class Excellence and Innovation in Cosmetic Surgery

With his pioneering efforts in fat micro grafts to the highly effective Refresher Lift, Dr. Drehsen is confident that the potential benefits of this new approach, such as better volume retention and remarkably improved skin quality in the majority of his cases, will gain acceptance in the near future. He has become one of the most experienced surgeons in the world using this sophisticated approach.

Our special attention to the choice of associated procedures aimed at improving the vibrancy or psychological impact of one’s features has in almost all cases helped our patients gain improved social acceptance in the business, entertainment, or political worlds!

We are developing our distinguished specialists’ network for their superb levels of professionalism and their superior dedication to their patients.

Remarkably Effective

No “mini,” “quickie,” “lunchtime,” “life style facelift” or any other lift, nor any amount of injectables can rival our signature Refresher Lift’s results. It is facial beauty technology that’s years ahead of the rest, and will help you regain the dynamic look of years past.

A Refresher Lift Consultation is easy. Just click here to get started renewing your beauty today!


- Take the Next Step towards a Natural Face Lift -

Many elements can cause damage to the appearance of your skin, causing you to look much older than you truly are. We trust that by now, if you have looked into other face lift options but are afraid of unnatural looking results, it is the time to see what the Refresher Lift procedure can do for you. Although you have been briefly introduced to our natural facelift procedure, take a closer look and learn what we can do to improve the tired look you have come to dread.

The first step is to review the valuable information that we have provided on our natural facelift procedure. It’s likely you will then want to schedule a consultation with one of our selected experienced cosmetic surgeons to learn more about this remarkable procedure. A Refresher Lift can give you the long lasting, beautiful, and natural results you deserve without the artificial look of some facelifts.

A Word About Price

The cost of your procedure reflects the sophistication, quality, and longevity of your Refresher Lift. The apparent savings of “quickie” procedures will long be forgotten when confronted with short-lived results, prolonged disappointments, or costly revisions. Your initial consultation with computer imaging, as opposed to a remote internet consultation, will be able to give you a quite accurate cost estimate and offer you a treatment plan compatible with your financial capacities and financing resources.

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