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Neck Lift

A toned profile is one of the most defining characteristics of a youthful appearance. Redefine your neckline with Dr. Drehsen's Neck Lift procedure.

Redefine Your Profile

Dr. Drehsen’s unique Neck Lift encompasses several different procedures designed to refresh and redefine your neckline for a trimmer, smoother and firmer looking you.

Dr. Drehsen takes an artistic approach to your beauty aesthetics, approaching your face and neck features the way an artist takes to canvas. Using specialized computer imaging software he sculpts a natural and refreshed neckline to enhance your profile for head turning and age defying neck lift RESULTS. Schedule a neck lift consultation with Dr. Drehsen today to realize your full beauty potential.

I look the way I feel. I have a new outlook. People tell me how great I look. I had my 40th class reunion this past summer. That was fun and to look so youthful…I have been on dates and feel good about my appearance. This has helped boost my self-confidence. Thanks to the Doctor and his staff, my experience had been great! Mavis

Neck Lift Techniques

Dr. Dhresen’s brilliant Neck Lift procedures will refresh and restore you to a more well-defined and younger looking profile through the following methods:

Neck Lift. Liposuction or Liposculpture. Neck Plication. Defatting

Dr. Drehsen’s Neck Lift techniques are a beautiful complementary procedure to his Signature
“Refresher Lift,” laser skin resurfacing, and chin implant procedures.

Make That First Impression, Again.

“Turkey Neck” and signs of premature aging camouflage the spirit within you. When your appearance doesn’t reflect your inner beauty, it can erode your self-confidence and hinder your social interactions. It’s time to say goodbye to your jowls and hello to your rejuvenated Hollywood-ready profile! With Dr. Drehsen’s Neck Lift procedure, you have the opportunity to look younger and make your first impression, again.

My Philosophy

“My clients are both women and men who want to look and feel more trim, firm and physically appealing. Their face and neck have drooped with extra skin weighing them down, adding years to their appearance. With specialized computer imaging, I work hand-in-hand with my clients to create and sculpt a naturally beautiful and age defying neckline. Let me help you rediscover your youth and transform your appearance on the outside to match how you feel on the inside.”

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