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Arm & Thigh Lift

For women who are postmenopausal or who have lost a large amount of weight, transverse looseness and sagging in the posterior upper arm or in the thighs can be a significant problem. A well-designed arm and thigh lift can produce excellent results in restoring the fitness of youthful arms and legs.

The keys to a successful arm lift (brachioplasty) are:

  • An aggressive liposuction (Lipo sculpture) when fat deposits are substantial and harm the body’s silhouette.
  • A substantial skin removal along the “Blind” posterior aspect of the inner arm. This diminishes scar visibility but also tightens unsightly upper arm pleats. The excisional scar, extending from elbow to armpit, is carefully placed in this blind spot and remains hidden from sight in most arm positions.

Mini Arm Tuck

When the degree of skin looseness is moderate and confined to the upper inner arm, a Mini Arm Tuck, or mini brachioplasty, may be the only procedure necessary. Scarring is limited to a semi-circular line hidden in the armpit, sometimes accompanied by a small dart extending down the inside of the arm. The procedure is combined with liposuction when needed. However, this mini tuck procedure does not correct transverse looseness or sagginess of the arm.

The greatest symbol of respect a Plastic Surgeon can receive is to have his patients referred to him by other Plastic Surgeons.

Radio Frequency Skin Toning

In early-stage or minor cases of sagging arms, Accent or Radio Frequency Skin Toning can be used to non-surgically help skin toning and sculpting. This procedure uses pulsed light to heat tissue, much as the sun warms your skin, but without the risks of damage to the epidermis. This treatment stimulates the body’s natural healing process, rearranging collagen at the subdermal level.

This mix of procedures must be carefully applied in a way tailored to each individual body. Dr. Drehsen has years of experience in brachioplasty procedures and a commitment to helping each of his patients create their dream body. Most importantly, the doctor’s own refined aesthetic eye will allow him to achieve spectacular results by discovering the beauty that lies just out of sight.

Thigh Lift – minimize sagging throughout your upper legs

In toning and slenderizing your thighs, our St. Petersburg plastic surgeons will focus on eliminating excess fat and volume, while artfully sculpting the slim and feminine curves you desire. To begin, we’ll rejuvenate your inner thighs first, making an incision in the pubic area that can be completely hidden with your underwear once you’ve fully healed. We will then remove unwanted fat and unsightly volume from the inner thigh area, before tightening the skin to help eliminate any sagging and achieve a more beautiful contour.

From there, we will turn our focus to your outer thighs. During this portion of the procedure, we will make a careful incision at the very top of the leg, which may wrap around to your hip and buttocks, depending on your unique needs. We will then remove any excess skin and fat deposits, before smoothing the entire area to help to restore a beautiful and feminine appearance. This procedure also allows us to remove a substantial amount of sagging skin, making it extremely popular among patients who have experienced major weight loss. If we’ve extended the incision to your hips and buttocks, we will be able to lift and tighten this area of the body as well.

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Every procedure is unique, and Dr. Drehsen’s results are the best evidence of his individually-tailored approach.

Meet Dr. Drehsen

Dr. Drehsen has dedicated himself to the specialized field of cosmetic surgery, and has earned his place as one of Florida’s leading cosmetic surgeons.

He has an impeccable eye for beauty and a keen sense of symmetry and proportion. His aesthetic instincts and artistic passion have helped produce extraordinarily natural results.