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Dr. Christian Drehsen
Dr. Drehsen
was recently featured
in the Best of
2012 Plastic Surgery Practice magazine
for his third consecutive year!
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Florida's Most
Discerning Patients...

Rejuvenate, Restore & Refine...
Their Cosmetic
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"It’s not just a career -
it’s my passion."

Raja Nalluri, MD
Since beginning practice in 2002, Dr. Nalluri has achieved distinction as a meticulous, experienced plastic surgeon.
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I hope
to keep looking
As young as I feel

My secret isn't a
miracle cure or a magic cream- just
Dr. Drehsen's skilled
commitment to looking great
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Dr. Drehsen's
Refresher Lift

The Ultimate
Natural Face Lift
No other facelift technique can
surpass our signature procedure,
the refresher lift, in returning
freshness and youthfulness to the face!
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unique path to

Face & Body Harmony
Now the face in the mirror
reflects who I really am
Sarah, St. Petersburg
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Christian G. Drehsen, MD
"I've devoted my life to
the creation of beauty."

Award-Winning, Board Certified
Plastic Surgeon & Innovator of the Refresher Lift
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The next level of plastic surgery Tampa & St. Petersburg have to offer...


We all want to age gracefully - but very few of us know what that really means. The secret is to achieve that rare combination of a youthful and attractive look, while preserving your dynamic.

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At the Clinique of Plastic Surgery, our breast enhancement procedures do more than revitalize your appearance. They enhance everything about you - including your self-esteem, sensuality and quality of life.

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As we age, our bodies inevitably change. Our youthful features begin to sag, lose volume and become wrinkled - and suddenly our reflection in the mirror is much older and less vibrant.

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Dr. ChristianDrehsen

Over the past 25 years, board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Christian Drehsen has dedicated his life to perfecting the art and science of cosmetic surgery, becoming one of the most innovative, skilled and respected surgeons in the country. Devoted to exclusively producing natural results, Dr. Drehsen believes in a holistic, "less is more" approach to surgery. refining your features to bring out your innate beauty, he's able to improve your appearance in a way that looks and feels extremely natural. With an impeccable eye for beauty and an inherent sense of symmetry and proportion, Dr. Drehsen's aesthetic instincts and artistic passion have allowed him to produce exquisite results for thousands of patients, earning him the reputation as one of the best plastic surgeons Florida has to offer, not to mention the nation.

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Dr. RajaNalluri

Raja Nalluri, M.D. has practiced the art of plastic surgery in Sarasota since 2002. His early education was in Youngstown, Ohio, where he was raised in a hard working family that inspires him even now. After college, Dr. Nalluri earned his M.D. at Case Western Reserve. Dr. Nalluri's rigorous residency in Cleveland included an additional six years of specialty training, including numerous all-nighters and long hours in hospitals, earning him a versatile skill set for treating not only routine but also challenging cases through this vast experience.

Dr. Nalluri personally performs your surgical procedures, non-invasive laser procedures and injectables so that you have his qualified, experienced and award winning hands to help you achieve your goals.

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Refresher Lift The ultimate
natural facelift


Closing the gap Enhance
your breasts


Mommy Makeover Restore your
pre-pregnancy figure

"I've devoted my life to the creation of beauty."Dr. Christian G. Drehsen, Creator of the Refresher Facelift

Freeze Fat In
Its Tracks

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Laser Procedures

Our practitioners use these powerful treatments to address a wide range of skin problems for our discerning patients – including lines and wrinkles, veins, sunspots, uneven skin tone and more.

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Volumizing Injectables

Using a bespoke approach, we make use of volumizing fillers and injectable medicines that treat both your wrinkles and the underlying muscles that cause lines to form.

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Skin Therapy

As your body’s largest and most visible organ, it’s vital that you treat your skin right. And at Clinique PS, we make it easy for you to do just that with our extensive menu of skin therapy treatments.

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Refine your masculine appearance

At the Clinique of Plastic Surgery, we know that men have very different plastic surgery objectives when compared to women. As such, we have a practice area devoted exclusively to helping our male clients achieve their ideal face and body. Not only will we refine your features and bring out your innate attractiveness - but we will also help maintain the distinct ruggedness and masculinity that makes you, you. This careful approach is one of the many reasons why we're known for providing among the best plastic surgery Florida has to offer.

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Restore, Refine

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